About Us

TELUGU LOGOLI is a world wide voluntary organisation for better Telugu Society, conceptualised with ideology from the intellect of MrVAVILALA RAJANI KANTH SARMA, noted writer and journalist, has been launched by a team of socially committed persons under the leadership of Mr. PERLA SRINIVASARAO 

TELUGU LOGILI registered under the Societies Registration Act with Government of Andhra pradesh in the year 2013 and the organisation aimed at registration with ministry of home affairs, Government of India, under the FCRA

TELUGU LOGILI,voluntary organisation serves to achieve goals in all aspects in restricted time for its people in the world. For the progress and upliftment of the poor in all parts of Andhra pradesh, the organisation works on its objectives.

On one of its aims, the society recently started a programme immediately after its inauguration, such as to eradicate poverty illuminating the poorthrough EDUCATION, VOCATIONAL TRAININGS, HEALTH CARE, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, FAMILY WELFARE AND CHANNELISING THE YOUTH.

The organisation takes - up rehabilitation and reconstruction for the VICTIM of calamities, accidents and disasters.
To aware TELUGU PEOPLE on criminality, legal matters and human rights, the society is planing to conduct seminars.